Inpatient Alcohol Rehab In North Dakota

Facilities that provide inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota are governed by the mental health and substance abuse division of the government of the state of North Dakota. The division is responsible for the control of the silent health pandemic that is alcohol abuse in the area. The substance abuse programs in the state are run through eight regional treatment centers as well as the as the North Dakota state hospital which is located in Jamestown.

These centers accept all abusers of substances, especially alcohol, regardless of their background but preference is most given to pregnant women who are abusers. The eight regional offices are uniformly distributed across the state to give affordable and quality inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota. The first of the eight human services centers that provide state funded services is the northwest human services center.

This division handles cases of three counties relating to emotional and addiction problems for persons and families. At this facility, more than 29,000 people have sought refuge since its inception. Having begun in 1971 as a pilot project, the facility has helped turn around the lives of many a people in the counties of William, divide and Mackenzie. Another of the state facilities is the badlands human services center.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment In North Dakota

Just like all the other facilities, the badlands facility provides inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota for the counties of Billings, Adams, Dunn, Bowman, Hetting, Golden valley and Stark counties. Addicts in the above mentioned counties can seek services relating to inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota at the facility.

One of the eight facilities providing state funded inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in North Dakota is the north central human services center. The facility which was set up in 1981 under the division services, an area that extends to a span of seven counties in North Dakota including Mountrail, Burke, Bottineau, McHenry, Pierce, Alary and Renville.

The facility has a regional advisory council for the institution which has representatives from each of the counties in the area. Another of the human centers is the west human center. In addition to the emotional support given to families and individuals at this center, it also provides inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota. The inpatient facilities serve the members of a ten mile county which holds more than 130,000 people.

p>The lake region human center is another facility where people can get professional inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota. The center serves the residents of 6 counties which are located within the devil’s lake. Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment at the facility is provided through the many professional; workers in the facility.

Some cases however may be referred to private practitioners, especially long term addiction problems through contracting. The south central center is also another center where inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse can be sourced in North Dakota. This facility serves the residents of ten counties and serves a population of 61,500.

Northeast human service center is also one of the areas where addiction treatment can be sought for residents of Pembina, Walsh, Grand folks and Nelson counties. The center aims at providing quality and efficient human services for the resident’s in the above counties. The last of the human centers for the state of North Dakota is the southeast human services center. This center offers services for inpatient alcohol treatment in North Dakota’s southeast region of the state.

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