Virginia Inpatient Alcoholism Rehab Treatment Programs

As at 2006, the statistics of alcohol abusers or addicts in Virginia was quite appalling. Out of the close to thirty thousand individuals who were admitted into substance abuse treatment centers, more than 4,300 were those with an alcohol only problem while over 5,100 had both an alcohol and other related drug problem. This represented fourteen and seventeen percent respectively of all admission cases in Virginia.

The only other substance abuse that could match this was marijuana which had an admission rate of about 16.5%. This means that most of the cases of admissions into substance abuse treatment centers admit a larger population of individuals who have an alcohol related problem which is either an addiction or abuse. Treatment practices therefore have to be focused on providing permanent solutions to this worrying trend.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment in Virginia

The facilities providing inpatient alcohol treatment in Virginia have been experiencing tremendous pressure in seeking to provide services that will take in most of the alcohol addiction patients. The choice of being referred to as patients arose from the fact that most centers have adopted this term in referring to alcohol addiction individuals as this then allows medication to be provided and extended to them.

Formerly, treating alcohol addiction patients was all about counseling and encouraging them to stop this habit. If all else failed, they would most likely end up in mental institutions if they didn’t end up doing something offensive enough to land them in jails and prisons. The responsibility of looking for ways of helping alcohol addiction patients was solely left to either the individual suffering or his family. The rest of the society looked on.

Several organizations then saw the need of providing residency based treatment options for people with alcohol addiction problems. These organizations offer such services either free or charge or some fees just to recoup their investments in seeking for the best treatment facilities. However, whichever facility of inpatient alcohol treatment in Virginia an individual opts for, whether charging fees or not, a patient is assured of quality and excellent services.

The inpatient alcohol treatment in Virginia is offered via a medical facility. Several, though not all centers for inpatient alcohol treatment in Virginia, are located inside medical facilities. This is a strategic decision by each center as it deems fit. Where they are located near medical clinics, or exist as a department of a medical facility, they are strategically located for emergencies or where they need to refer some of their inpatient alcohol patients.

There are several other inpatient alcohol treatment facilities operating under the model of hospitals. They fully function just like a normal hospital and everything is done just as it would be done in another hospital. There are resident specialists, interventionists, counselors as well as other numerous medical officers with the necessary skills and qualifications needed for providing these much needed services.

Therefore, these Virginian inpatient alcohol treatment services have seen to it that alcohol addiction patients are also taught on the effects of alcohol to themselves, their families and careers.

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