Washington Inpatient Alcoholism Rehab Treatment Programs

The primary drug of choice in the state of Washington is marijuana with meth coming a close second. Both of these have been reported as being responsible for 17% and 14% of all admissions into substance abuse treatment centers. However, the primary substance of abuse is alcohol with an admission rate of 20% for alcohol only and 25% for alcohol and another drug. Alcohol abuse or addiction therefore is a major problem in Washington.

As at 2005, more than 400,000 individuals were reported to be addicted to alcohol only. The sad fact is that out of this massive total only 28,000 were able to receive help in overcoming their addiction. This represents a mere seven percent of individuals who had access to the kind of treatment they needed to fully overcome their addiction. The remaining ninety three percent were unable to get the necessary help or treatment and therefore it is difficult to tell what their fate was eventually.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment in Washington

Statistics like what is above here, are what makes for a strong case in seeking to establish more centers with the ability to ideally provide inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington. Otherwise then the numbers of people unable to acquire the type of proper and effective treatment for them will be a ticking time bomb whose full impact and effect on the population of Washington will one day be felt.

The numbers of people who are falling through the cracks unable to access treatment means that there exists an overwhelming demand not just for inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington but rather for adequate alcohol abuse treatment facilities in general. When people struggling with alcohol addiction discover that nothing can be done to alleviate their suffering but rather that they have to put up with it while trying to make the best of their lives as is possible, then that becomes a dangerous scenario whose consequences may be too dire even to contemplate.

Inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington therefore, has to be offered to those in need of it while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that the quality thereof is not compromised. Where the quality of treatment is compromised so that more can be admitted, and attempts made to treat them, the end result may turn out to be individuals with a worse case of addiction and the resultant complications arising from a life of alcoholism.

This is the reason why many private-non-profit organizations are rising up to try and close this huge gap. These private not for profit organizations are making an important contribution to the provision of inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington in the hope that the individuals removed from the streets, workplaces, colleges and homes will see a huge reduction in crime rates, violence, spousal abuse and break up of marriages or families.

Even the private for profit organizations who are providing inpatient alcohol treatment need commendation for the tremendous work they are doing in seeking to have this need met. The inpatient alcohol treatment in Washington is in dire need for more facilities.

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